Jhemajang: ‘the mixing up and arranging of different elements, both garden and unrelated, old and new, in a funky way that brings the pieces together in a whole new light. It’s the art of mixing it up!’

Jhemajang Furniture Combinations

All pieces are made to mix and match together. There for the table piece can have a Pintura bench with 2 chairs that are Sol and one chair that is Vista. Have fun and mix and match.







Jhemajang Plant Combinations

I have selected the toughest varieties of both annuals, herbs, and perennials and we grow them in Arkansas together to create the perfect living floral arrangement. All the deciding of what to grow together for visual impact is decided on by me. Just buy and plant. We grow from 8 inch pots to custom hanging baskets and 10 combos.

Letters and Art

Below is a sample of some of the letters and art the Jhemajang line offers.

Featured Combos for Spring 2016

These featured combinations will be ready at Botanica Gardens and Jhemajang from April to the middle of May of 2016.

Combo Number Description
1 One Red and One Pink Big Series Begonia and Blue Fan Flower and Diamond Frost Mixed.
2 Mixed Red and Pink Dragon Wing Begonias.
3 Mixed Yellow Bidens, Blue Fan Flower, and White Supertunia
4 Red Dragon Begonia and Asparagus Ferns
5 Red Geranium, Blue Fan Flower, Lime Licorice Plant
6 Mixed Fuchsia and Red Geraniums, White Big Bacopa, and Lime Licorice Plant
7 Fuchsia Geranium, Blue Fan Flower, Diamond Frost, and Yellow Bidens
8 Aspargus Fern, Blue Fan Flower, Yellow Lantana, and Red and Pink Big Series Begonias
9 Mixed Impatiens, Blue and Rose Torenias, and Asparagus Ferns
10 Bubble Gum Supertunia, Blue Fan Flower, Yellow Lantana, Trailing Coleus, and Paddle Plant
11 Mix Coleus, Asparagus Fern, Blue Torenia, Orange Impatiens
12 Asparagus Fern, Red and Pink Series Begonias, Mixed Torenias, and Lime Coleus
13 Red and Pink Big Series Begonias, Lime Sedge Grass, Blue Fan Flower, and Yellow Bidens
14 Magenta and Lime Coleuses, Blue Torenia, Pink and Red Big Series Begonias
15 Yellow Lantana, Fireworks Gomphrena, Pink Celosia, Lime Coleus and Purple (the plum color) Wave Petunia
16 Mixed Purslane and Mixed Succulent
17 White and Purple Coneflowers with Yellow Rudbeckia
18 Lime, Burgandy, and Peach Mixed Coral Bells
19 Holly Fern, Christmas Fern, and Southern Maiden Fern
20 Sums and Substance Hosta and Big Blue Daddy Hosta