Bulk Items

Plantopia offers mulch products for every application! One cubic yard of product will provide 90-100 square feet of coverage. We recommend 2-3″ total depth. Within 6″ of the plant stem, keep mulch depth to a minimum. Mulches help retain moisture, keep root temperatures more consistent, and suppress weed growth. Replenish mulches once per year or as needed to maintain a neat appearance.

Cubic yard calculator

Hardwood Mulch

Give your landscape a face-lift with mulch. Mulch helps reduce weeds, keeps plants insulated, conserves moisture, and looks great and fresh. We can install hardwood mulch for you! Give Botanica Gardens a call at 501-614-3000.


$24.95 per yard

shredded hardwood bark that provides an economical mulch for plant beds / color varies from tan to dark brown / lasts 6-12 months

Red Mulch

$44.95 per yard

Brown Mulch

$44.95 per yard


$44.95 per yard

The name says it all… “Super Soil” is an excellent ready-to-use blend of 60% sandy loam soil and 40% compost. It is in dark color, with consistent and easy-to-spread properties. For plants preferring a higher percentage of coarse organic material, mix in more compost or spagnum peat moss.


$29.95 per yard

Sandy Loam Topsoil; this soil is great for general uses such as sodding, backfilling, and plant bed use. We recommend adding compost or peat when used for planting.


$84.95 per yard

Washed Pea Gravel, sold per cubic yard, bulk; averages 3/8-1/2″ diameter


$34.95 per yard

River Rock

$84.95 per yard

Large River Rock sold per cubic yard, bulk; “A” Stone; mixed colors

River Rock

$54.95 per yard

Small River Rock sold per cubic yard, bulk; “A” Stone; 3/4- 1 1/2″ diameter; mixed colors


$44.95 per yard

Chipped Granite rock/1/2″ minus, asphalt material- great for paths